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Brave Accountability

Our Approach


Our relationships depend not only on acting justly but also on what happens when injustice takes place. There is rampant impunity in the world today, with governments, corporations, organised groups and even individuals not held accountable for their actions. This helps to create and strengthen unjust systems.

Often, work for social justice fails to hold duty bearers to account. Sometimes it even actively removes accountability from them.

Accountability depends on having agreed standards, enforcement mechanisms, and the will and power to enforce them.

We strive for global justice and an end to impunity and believe in the power of individuals, groups and movements to shift the power of privilege and unite to hold power to account.

From providing for needs to fulfilling rights, from corporate social responsibility to corporate regulation, from big bank bailouts to prosecution, from apartheid to civil rights, from tax evasion to liability, from genocide to international criminal courts, from impunity to brave accountability

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