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Our Approach


Our actions make a difference every day, but we often don’t realize it. Many people and groups are unaware, distracted, vulnerable or exposed to negative socialization.

All people need to take full responsibility for their actions, even when they don’t see the consequences. This takes inner strength, mindfulness, a sense of responsibility, security and positive socialization to counteract apathy.

Social change rarely comes from the top-down. It emerges from individuals, groups and movements waking up and joining together to take action -- both the big and the small.

We believe that change makers need to build their own resilience and awareness to help others become more active. We share lessons from across the spectrum of social change movements and support others to build their capacity to learn and take action.

From mindlessness to awareness, from vulnerability to security, from shareholders to workers, from consumerism to sharing, from financial to environmental resources, from currency to bartering, from everyday apathy to everyday activism

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