Why Visual Storytelling is the Key to Changing the World

August 13, 2020


How often have you sat through a dull PowerPoint presentation and tuned out completely? Or been unable to connect with the data in an infographic? Or completely zoned out while reading a 50-page text heavy report?


These situations are missed opportunities for engagement, and potentially vital information falls on deaf ears due to the lack of clarity. This then leads to miscommunication of ideas and apathy on behalf of the audience.


Visual storytelling through graphic design is a powerful and effective tool that can help avoid these problems, as they have the unique opportunity to communicate complex ideas simply through graphics and pictures. 


Visual storytelling works because 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual. We are also 65% more likely to remember visual content after three days than text. Visual storytelling also relays information in a relatable way, which creates an emotional connection with an audience, and this connection is more likely to drive people to action.


As a project under United Edge, we want to create change through the power of visual storytelling. In our modern world, it’s too easy to be complicit in the structures of oppression, as these structures rely on our ignorance and apathy to survive. Transformative change happens when the people who are most affected by systems of oppression have the power to influence the situations that affect them. Our aim at Design Edge is to give the power back, and we do this by putting those most affected at the heart of our designs.


Design Edge is here to help you make the most out of your communications materials. Our process is set up to ensure we create the right impact with your audience. We take careful steps to craft the perfect visual story. Not only will you have something that looks great, but you’ll also have a stronger connection with your audience.


Whether it’s creating an internal process document that needs to be universally understood, communicating complex jargon to the people we serve in a way that makes them care, or engaging prospective donors in what you do, Design Edge is here to help.


We start our process by offering all new clients a free 30-minute consultation, where we discuss the current issues you have with your designs and offer guidance on how to make them more impactful. This call is a no pressure conversation; we are happy to offer our expertise.


Our services all include “Revamp” or “Creation” options, so whether you’re looking to tweak an existing design or create something from scratch, we can craft a powerful design for you.


Are you ready to bring your story to life?


Fill out this quick 2-minute form for your free consultation, and we can get started on our journey together.


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