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Since 2017 we have trained more than 2000 humanitarians, development workers, environmentalists, and community activists. We have worked with over 500 organizations and helped them to refocus their work on justice -- taking their essential programs to the next level while going beyond surface solutions to the root causes of injustice everywhere. 

Our courses are the backbone of everything we do, and we believe that anyone working for a better world deserves the opportunity to build their knowledge, confidence, skills, and community so that they can create both wider and deeper impacts through their work.

The five pillars of the Justice Based Approach inform all of our courses. You can download our FREE Justice Toolkit here or join the hundreds of current JBA practitioners by attending our next Justice Based Approach Foundation Course.

Check out all our upcoming courses below, and allow yourself and your teams the chance to grow!

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APRIL 2024
Justice Based Approach Foundation

Become a Justice Based Approach practitioner with our flagship foundation course on the Justice Based Approach. Designed for humanitarians, development workers, environmentalists, and activists around the globe, this course is unique to United Edge and the perfect opportunity to learn about the growing movement for justice-based change.

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Transformative Safeguarding Course

Learn about how to keep children and people in vulnerable situations safe from harm through the unique lens of the Justice Based Approach. This interactive course provides the fundamentals of safeguarding while going deeper into the roots of violence and looking at how we can create a world where safeguarding is built into everything that we do.

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Strategic Foresight for Social Justice

Join a global cohort of social justice leaders to dive into strategic foresight and futures thinking, framed around the Justice Based Approach. This interactive workshop will introduce essential foresight concepts and practical tools that you can use in your work for social change while giving you the chance to learn from some of the world's leading futurists.

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Free Spotlight


Join one of our regular, FREE Spotlight Events that focus on different themes related to the Justice Based Approach and the social and environmental change sectors. These events are open to everyone and highlight the experience of various experts around the world who are often working through various alternative models and innovative approaches.



More than 70% of participants join our courses from word of mouth. Here's what people are saying...

"This is the very first training where we truly felt a real transformational impact on our internal growth. It has indeed given us a new way of thinking, of viewing the world, an inspiring model to follow, and the most meaningful and effective way to work and live our lives to the full."

Participant from Lao Disabled People's Association, Laos

"The training was the best motivation - and energy-boost - I had in my professional career."

Participant from GIZ Cambodia

"It is the best training I have ever had! It helped me think differently, opened my perspective, and [taught] a new way of doing development work!"

Participant from World Vision, Cambodia



We're excited to announce that United Edge is partnering with Simply Mindful to provide free introductions to mindfulness for people working for social or environmental justice! 

Every six months we will bring together change-makers from around the world to learn the basics of mindfulness with Hiten Solanki in order to build their self-resilience and improve their ability to embed the Justice Based Approach in their work and lives.

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With more than 2000 people trained from over 500 organizations across the globe, we're excited to be taking the Justice Based Approach to the next level. This advanced course is a chance for people working towards social and environmental justice to go deeper in their practice of JBA, develop leadership skills, and receive the training needed to join United Edge's network of JBA Associates - with the opportunity to lead the development of Collective Edge -- the world's first justice-based organization.

JBA 2020 (2).png


Our style of online delivery creates genuine human connection, facilitates deeply reflective and thoughtful discussions, and leads to real impact and effectiveness.

Our courses use mixed methodologies including participatory live sessions, interactive online tools, reflection, movement, games, small group discussions, an online forum, and self-led learning and reflection. Our facilitators run Q&A sessions and you have the opportunity to book one-to-one calls with them during each course. We also send inspiring, short daily emails with additional resources for those that want more!

Each week we also offer a variety of optional sessions to dive deeper into some of the key themes of our courses, to have fun and get to know each other better. Previous sessions have included panel discussions, regional meetups, hackathons, and film screenings.

All of our courses are designed by the lead facilitators in partnership with United Edge co-founders Daniel Bevan and Matthew Kletzing. With combined experience of more than 30 years in the humanitarian, development and human rights sectors across Asia, the Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East, they bring a wealth of hands-on experience and expert facilitation skills. Find out more about their areas of expertise and background here.

Our Facilitators are often joined by a global group of Team Leaders, all of whom have completed the Justice Based Approach Foundation Course previously and are experts in their field. They support small groups during the course to explore the themes in more depth during team discussions.

We offer optional tailored mentoring programs to provide personalized support during and after the course to put your learning into practice. For our course participants, this is 20-33% off our normal mentoring rates! Contact us for more information!

Here's an example of our methodology from the Justice Based Approach Foundation Course:

We take great care to create a safe and welcoming space for all of our course participants. We are deeply committed to making reasonable adjustments to ensure that anyone with an additional need is able to participate. If you have any additional needs or access requirements please let us know on your booking form or contact us here.

We are a social enterprise and as such, we are committed to ensuring that no one is excluded from our courses or workshops due to a lack of funding. We strive to prioritize support for those from the majority world/global south, women, black and indigenous people, those from ethnic minorities, LGBTQIA+ people, young people, disabled people, refugees, and grassroots activists. However, we accept financial assistance applications from anyone keen to learn!

To apply for financial assistance, please contact us.


Please make sure you read the terms and conditions of our events including the cancellation policy, before booking.
If you have any further questions please read our FAQ page and don't hesitate to get in touch.
You can also read more about United Edge here, and hear directly from our participants here.



Here are just some of more than 500 amazing organizations that have attended our courses.

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