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An Interactive Workshop for Social Justice Leaders


Foresight is now one of the most important leadership skills of the 21st century. But social justice leaders at the forefront of change need to be better equipped to face the challenges of this vulnerable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world to steer their organizations and programs into the future. 


This workshop will open your eyes to the importance of futures thinking and strategic foresight to support better creativity, visioning, decision-making, and strategizing. In a workshop setting, you will learn some of the most important tools to start applying strategic foresight practically to your work through the lens of the Justice Based Approach


We will hear from some of the foremost futurists in the world and build lasting connections with a global cohort of humanitarians, development workers, and social and environmental justice leaders. It will shift your mindset from reactive to innovative action, from linear to multi-potential outcomes, from conventional to emergent thinking, and from present-focused to a truly intergenerational take on justice.


  • Course length: 4 weeks

  • Total Time Commitment: 23 hours

    • Week 1.

      • Live session: 2 hours, for orientation

    • Weeks 2 - 4.

      • Live sessions: 6 hours per week, every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 hours each

      • Self-guided: up to 1 hour per week

      • Optional sessions: 1 hour per week for reflection and Q&A, every Friday

  • Price: $495 USD per person

  • Groups of 5+: $445 USD per person

  • Language: English

  • Delivery methods: Live participatory online sessions  | Interactive learning tools  |  Lifetime access to resource bank |  Small team discussions  |  Online forum  |  1-2-1 with facilitators  | Self-paced learning and reflection

  • Next course dates: 

    • 1 November - 21  November 2024

    • Contact us for private/bespoke courses​​

  • Brochure: Available here!

We have trained more than 2000 people from more than 500 organizations


The pandemic came as a surprise to many of us, but even before 2020, there were already emerging signals for the possibility of a pandemic. That collective experience has brought many to the recognition of the importance of futures thinking and strategic foresight. 


Strategic foresight is not new and has been practiced in many organizations for more than 50 years. In the 1970s, it was popularized by Alvin and Heidi Toffler with their book Future Shock. Yet, few humanitarian or development organizations are using the concepts and tools of foresight to level up their work.


With a practical grounding in strategic foresight, emerging leaders will be able to better identify key drivers of change for any humanitarian emergency and social or environmental justice issue; leverage trends and opportunities that could help advance any project or advocacy campaign; develop potential images, narratives, and scenarios that could catapult communities to take control of their own futures; and create a culture of foresight in their organizations.


With strategic foresight, change-making will no longer be reactive to our broken systems but rather truly engage in co-creative transformations beyond our linear, preconceived trajectories of the future. This series of workshops will guide participants in using some of the most important and accessible tools of futures thinking and strategic foresight to equip them to develop a broader, longer term view of justice, anticipate potential challenges in community development and social change work, and leverage emerging opportunities for innovation.



More than 70% of participants join from word of mouth. Here's what people are saying...

Rachael Ampaire Mishambi  |  The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law  |  Uganda

"It was a great period of learning and unlearning both on a personal and professional level."

Fiona Locke  |  Birdsong English | United Kingdom

"I always finished the sessions inspired and motivated!"

Neema Sihaba Suya  |  WWF  |  Kenya

"I am not the same as I was before the course. I feel re-energized and inspired."



This workshop promises to be an engaging, immersive, and insightful experience combining interactive sessions, case studies, and group exercises using six of the most important foresight tools, with inspiration and framing taken from the Justice Based Approach. We will critically explore many assumptions and deepen capacity in the following areas: 


  • All five pillars of the Justice Based Approach

  • Futures thinking and strategic foresight theory and concepts

  • Foresight versus forecasting

  • Participatory foresight methodologies and practical tools

  • Drivers of change and multiple scenarios

  • Preferred futures and personal visions

  • Organizational culture of foresight

  • Foresight-inspired programme design and advocacy

  • Ethics and accountability

  • Participatory approaches and decision-making

  • Strategic and personal leadership… and more!


The workshop will challenge your assumptions, question your views of the future, and give you the tools to craft better visions. It will transform the way you work in social development and provide inspiring insights as we apply strategic foresight to the Justice Based Approach. 


Our style of online delivery creates genuine human connection in a mixture of large and small group settings and facilitates deeply reflective and thoughtful discussions. Each session includes interactive lessons from the lead trainers, an inspiring guest speaker, practice using one of the key foresight tools, and helpful debriefing discussions.  ​


The workshop uses mixed methodologies, including participatory live sessions, interactive online tools, reflection, movement, games, small group discussions, an online forum, and self-led learning and reflection. During the workshop, participants can also meet one-to-one with the lead trainers, and we send short, inspiring emails twice a week with additional resources based on each session for those that want more!


​This workshop is designed and facilitated by United Edge Foresight and Engagement Director Shiela R Castillo. Shiela has more than two decades of experience in social development and foresight. She is one of the co-founders of the Philippine Futures Thinking Society (PhilFutures) and a member of the TFSX Global Foresight Advisory Council. She is also an Association of Professional Futurists (APF) Emerging Fellow. She was a Futures Learning Advisor of the Center for Engaged Foresight where she conducted futures workshops in the Philippines, Cambodia, and the US (online). She has spoken in a number of foresight conferences and is passionate about the futures of justice. 


Daniel Bevan, co-founder of United Edge, and one of the original architects of the Justice Based Approach will be facilitating the workshop. Through the unique lens of the Justice Based Approach, he has specialized in participatory approaches, client-led programming, capacity building, and monitoring and evaluation and has worked with partners as varied as governments, child and youth groups, the UN, academic institutions, activists, INGOs and affected communities. Before United Edge, he worked for many years in child and youth rights, education and child protection, and now focuses his energy on innovative approaches to systemic change and decolonizing aid. Find out more about our facilitators here.


​Our facilitators are joined by a global group of Discussion Leaders who are accomplished in various aspects of social development and trained to facilitate foresight-related conversations. They support small groups during the course to explore the themes in more depth during break-out discussions. Additionally, the workshop will also feature four world-renowned foresight experts as guest speakers to inform and inspire participants in the sessions. Previous speakers include Sohail Inayatullah, Katindi Sivi, Mariana Merelo Lobo, and Ben Holt.

​We offer optional tailored mentoring programmes to provide personalized support after the workshop to put your learning into practice. For our participants, this is 20-33% off our regular mentoring rates! You can add this to your booking by contacting us.​



We know that emerging leaders have many competing priorities and want maximum value for minimum effort, so that your teams and organizations can become more strategically effective. This course has been developed for all staff, volunteers and trustees, particularly if you:


  • Work in a role where you can lead change in your project or organization

  • Hold a position that can influence your project’s or organization’s approaches and strategies

  • Help to build the capacity of staff or train partners

  • Design projects or work in planning and program development

  • Work in policy and advocacy  

  • Manage a team of staff or volunteers or liaise with external partners and communities

  • Serve on a Senior Leadership Team or on a Board of Trustees

  • Contribute to your organization’s strategy development, including staff in human resources, fundraising, finance, communications and logistics teams

  • Work in a donor or partner-focused agency that is looking for innovative ways to support civil society organizations

  • Work in any private business or public sector organization and ethically want to achieve more

  • Are self-employed and want to gain skills that can support any endeavor


One of the highlights of this workshop is the opportunity to connect with and learn from people from across the world. Our last round of courses had participants from over 70 countries! 


The workshop is relevant to a wide range of sectors and organizations, including humanitarian and development agencies, charities, public sector agencies, UN agencies, community groups, unions, coops, ethical businesses, CSR departments, activists, and local partners. Although the workshop will be framed around social and environmental justice issues, it is open to anyone interested in learning more about strategic foresight and futures thinking.

We're excited to be bringing together a team of facilitators from around the world to co-deliver the workshop. You will be learning from, and connecting with, experts in their field from a diverse range of social development contexts. We'll be announcing the facilitation team in the weeks and months leading up to the start of the course. Watch this space for more details!


We will be offering the public course in November 2024 but please get in touch if you would like a bespoke course for your team!


$495 USD per person, group rate: $445 USD per person. This includes:


  • 18 hours of live online sessions facilitated by highly experienced facilitators with decades of combined experience in foresight and social development

  • In-depth practice with 6 of most engaging and useful foresight tools to apply to your work

  • Learning from 4 world-renowned guest speakers

  • Inspiration from 2 weekly emails with additional resources to accompany each session

  • One-to-one discussion with workshop facilitators

  • Orientation session to build confidence and skills in remote learning approaches before the workshop

  • Optional weekly reflection sessions for discussion, Q&A, and peer learning

  • Self-paced learning, reflection, and action points based on each week's content

  • Exclusive access to the Strategic Foresight for Social Development Leaders forum where participants can network, share, and learn from one another

  • Post-course event to reconnect and reflect on your work

  • Ongoing access to our wider community of social change makers, including frequent resource sharing and regular learning events for ongoing professional development

  • Lifetime access to the workshop’s resource folders

  • A certificate to verify your workshop completion, subject to attendance and completion of tasks


GROUP RATE: $445 USD per person

Group attendance is a wonderful way to learn and develop together as a team and organization. Receive 10% off when you book 5 or more places on a course. Groups can be from multiple organizations if they book the course together. Donors and organizations have used this as an opportunity to support partners and whole teams to attend our courses together.



We proudly offer financial assistance to help cover part of the fees for people who may otherwise find it difficult to fund their participation. Since 2017, we have provided almost $100,000 worth of financial assistance to our course participants, ensuring that grassroots and local organizations with limited funds but big aspirations can develop their work for greater impact and positive social change. 


We prioritize support for those from the majority world, women, black and indigenous people, those from ethnic minorities, LGBTQIA+ people, young people, disabled people, refugees, and grassroots activists. However, we accept applications from anyone who is keen to learn. To apply for financial assistance, please contact us.



We take great care to create a safe and welcoming space for all of our course participants. We are committed to making reasonable adjustments to ensure that anyone with an additional need is able to participate. If you have any additional needs or access requirements please let us know on your booking form.

Please read the terms and conditions, including the cancellation policy, before booking.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch

You can also read more about United Edge here, and hear directly from our participants here.



Here are just some of more than 500 amazing organizations that have attended our courses.

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