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Training, Coaching, Mentoring


It is impossible to change systems without the knowledge, skills and awareness to think critically and look outside the box. United Edge provides training, coaching and mentoring to invest in and inspire change makers. Over years and across continents, we’ve seen individuals and organisations transform the effectiveness of their work.


There are four main ways that we provide training and ongoing support to individuals and organisations:

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Our current public courses are an opportunity for individuals and organizations to learn about an innovative new approach to humanitarian, development, social change including the flagship Justice Approach: Foundation Course where participants from all over the world have come together to learn about the Justice Based Approach in an experience that truly changes how people work, think and live. We also hold public events on Transformative Safeguarding and Strategic Foresight.

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As the movement for human rights and justice-based programming grows, many organizations have seen the benefit in bringing our flagship course on The Justice Based Approach to their entire teams. This is an opportunity to come together to learn, have important conversations and challenge the way that things have always been done within your team or organization. We can also arrange team events on Transformative Safeguarding and Strategic Foresight.

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As well as our flagship course on the Justice Based Approach, we offer exceptional quality, bespoke courses on a huge range of topics that relate to social and environmental change. In particular, our expertise in safeguarding and strategic foresight has proven extremely helpful to organisations and consortia. However, we can also design and deliver training in strategy, participation, and project design, leadership, monitoring and evaluation, and communications. All bespoke courses are developed based on the specific needs of our clients.

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Whether you are looking to develop a training manual for one of your programmes or you are seeking experienced facilitators to help you develop part of your new strategy, we can provide the services you need to improve your ability to create positive change in the world. This includes bespoke mentoring and coaching for you and your team, as well as training of trainers initiatives.


Head of UK Hub, Restless Development, UK

"United Edge designed and delivered a design, monitoring and evaluation workshop for a large number of our UK programmes teams... many of the concepts can be seen in their work today which is testament to how impactful the training was."


We are deeply passionate about high quality, relevant and inspiring training. Here are some key features of our training.


We have formal certifications in training, facilitation, learning methodology and curriculum design. Together and as individuals, we have designed and delivered training in more than 20 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. These have been for local civil society organisations, national and international NGOs and UN agencies, university students, young people, and other professionals.


Our facilitation style reflects our values and philosophy. Trainings are active, participatory and engaging and use mixed-media and activities. They challenge assumptions and introduce new ideas with simple and accessible language and tools. This includes using real-world examples and participant stories to increase relevance. We do our best to accommodate any unique needs and aim to provide advance guidance and follow-up material.


We believe that one-off training events, when done well, have potential to create lasting change. However, we aim to also design our programmes to create a network of ongoing peer support that is actively curated. When you come to our trainings, you enter a community of people working for a better world. We make sure you have everything you need to bring your learning into daily life and will be there to help when the workshop is over.

Training Methodology

Training Methodology

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