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This groundbreaking live online course will reframe the current safeguarding narrative using the Justice Based Approach -- a lens that will challenge and inspire you to look more deeply at the systemic causes of injustices, issues of accountability, and how power is disproportionately held.


The course will equip you with the knowledge and practical tools to re-evaluate your own actions and transform your organization’s work and impact. You will develop your knowledge of the fundamentals of safeguarding and then move beyond this towards prevention, protection, genuine compassion, agency, and justice. 


  • Course length: 4 weeks

  • Total Time Commitment: 23 hours

    • Week 1.

      • Live session: 2 hours, for orientation

    • Weeks 2 - 4.

      • Live sessions: 6 hours per week, every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 hours each

      • Self-guided: up to 1 hour per week

      • Optional sessions: Monday for networking, Friday for reflection, plus additional Q&A

  • Price: $595 USD

  • Groups of 10+: $535 USD 

  • Language: English

  • Delivery methods: Live participatory online sessions  |  Interactive learning tools  |  Lifetime access to resource bank including audit tool for your organization  |  Small team discussions  |  Online forum  |  1-2-1 with facilitators  |  Self-paced learning and reflection  |  Facilitator Q&As 

  • Next course dates: 

  • 2024 Brochure: Available here

We have trained more than 2000 people from more than 500 organizations


In recent years we’ve seen scandal, fear, reputational risk, and compliance act as key drivers for the development and review of safeguarding policies and practices. Legal ramifications and compliance issues have forced many organizations to act at pace. This process can result in a safeguarding culture that lacks meaning and inappropriately centers donor requirements rather than the people we are here to serve. Although many organizations have moved their safeguarding work forward, there is still a long way to go to address systemic failures. 

To truly transform our safeguarding approach we need to take a radical and critical look at our organizations and ourselves from the inside out. Our safeguarding work must include acting for a more just reality so that we get to the root causes of abuse. Protection and safeguarding must become deeply embedded in the values that all stakeholders live and breathe. We will explore these themes and many others during the course and give you invaluable knowledge, confidence, and tools to take back to your colleagues, partners, and the communities you serve.

This course will look at the international safeguarding standards and the criteria of relevant regulatory bodies, how they connect with your everyday reality and how the Justice Based Approach can fundamentally reshape these standards and practices. 

We will look at safeguarding as it relates to children and people in vulnerable situations, staff and volunteers, your wider organization (culture and practice), and you.



More than 70% of participants join from word of mouth. Here's what people are saying...

Razan Nammar  |  UNICEF  |  Palestine

"This is one of the best online courses ever! Highly recommended. Very professional. Active and open-minded team. Very fruitful course."

Mandy Jones  |  Oxfam  |  United Kingdom

"It is a way of challenging your thinking about safeguarding, gaining the courage to hold yourself and others accountable for the decisions made about the most vulnerable groups in society."

Briana Jones  |  International Womens Development Agency  |  Australia

"This is a great introductory course to explore safeguarding as a concept, beyond compliance, and look towards effective broader thinking about systems implemented and how to influence them."



This comprehensive course offers you the unique opportunity to explore the fundamentals of safeguarding and use a radical lens to move your work beyond compliance towards justice and greater impact. 


During the course, you will explore and deepen your knowledge of:

  • What safeguarding is, where it originated and why it is important

  • How to Identify, respond to and report safeguarding concerns

  • Why standard safeguarding approaches fall short

  • How the Justice Based Approach radically alters practice throughout your organisation's safeguarding framework.

  • How to implement justice based safeguarding within your organization

  • How to become more aware of your own conduct, biases and ability to do harm and how to take care of yourself


By the end of the course you will have:

  • Initiated a Justice Based Safeguarding Audit of your organization

  • Developed an action plan for your organization using bespoke tools

  • Learned from experts through live interactive and dynamic sessions, 1-2-1s, and Q&As

  • Analyzed a range of case studies and applied your learning in small groups


Through this course you will feel:


  • Equipped with practical tools and knowledge to use in your life and work

  • Connected to a supportive network of safeguarding practitioners

  • Motivated and energized to implement new ways of working and shift culture in your organization

  • Grounded in the knowledge that effective safeguarding comes from love and compassion, not fear and blame

  • Confident in your ability to  respond effectively and identify safeguarding concerns and incidents



We know that teams with comprehensive safeguarding knowledge build stronger, safer organizations and programmes. This course has been developed for all staff, volunteers and trustees. It will be particularly relevant to you if:

  • You work directly with children and people in vulnerable situations or you manage staff or volunteers who do

  • You have a safeguarding-focused role, including Safeguarding Leads

  • You are in a Senior Leadership Team or on a Board of Trustees

  • You work in a Human Resources or People Team

  • You fundraise for or design programmes

  • You are a donor agency that supports organizations working with children and people in vulnerable situations

  • You work in communications for programmes that involve children and  people in vulnerable situations


A highlight of our courses for many participants is the opportunity to connect with and learn from people from across the world. Our round of courses had participants from over 70 countries! 


The course is relevant to a wide range of sectors and organizations, including humanitarian and development agencies,  charities, public sector agencies, UN agencies, community groups and local partners.

We're excited to be bringing together a team of facilitators from around the world to co-deliver the course. You will be learning from, and connecting with, experts in their field from a diverse range of contexts. We'll be announcing the facilitation team in the weeks and months leading up to the start of the course. Watch this space for more details!


If you want to refresh your knowledge, explore safeguarding from a radical new angle and you’re looking for a comprehensive and dynamic live online course, join us this year!


We're excited to be bringing together a team of facilitators and guest speakers from around the world to co-deliver the course. You will be learning from, and connecting with, experts in their field from a diverse range of contexts.

In addition, we’re excited to have a global group of team leaders who have already experienced the Transformative Safeguarding course or the Justice Based Approach Foundation Course. These United Edge Associates will facilitate conversations during group work and support some of the wider facilitation on the course.


$595 USD per person, group rate: $535 USD per person. This includes:


  • 18 hours of live online facilitated learning led by highly experienced facilitators with decades of combined experience in this field

  • Transformative Safeguarding Resource Pack including our Justice Based Safeguarding Audit Tool and implementation template

  • One-to-one discussion with course facilitators

  • Access to a network of global safeguarding professionals

  • An orientation session to build confidence and skills in remote learning approaches

  • Q&A session with facilitators

  • ​​Regular small-team discussions

  • Self-paced learning, reflection, and action points based on each week's content

  • Exclusive access to the Transformative Safeguarding forum where participants can share and learn from one another

  • Post-course event to reconnect with your group and reflect on your work

  • Ongoing access to our wider community of social change makers, including frequent resource sharing and regular learning events for ongoing professional development

  • A certificate to verify your course completion

  • Exclusive opportunity to join an Advanced Safeguarding Course


GROUP RATE: $535 USD per person

Group attendance is a wonderful way to learn and develop together as a team and organization. Receive 10% off when you book 10 or more places on a course. Groups can be from multiple organizations if they book the course together. Donors and organizations have used this as an opportunity to support partners and whole teams to attend our courses together.



We proudly offer financial assistance to help cover part of the course fee for people who may otherwise find it difficult to fund such a course. Since 2017, we have provided almost $100,000 worth of financial assistance to our course participants, ensuring that grassroots and local organizations with limited funds but big aspirations can develop their work for greater impact and positive social change. 


We prioritize support for those from the majority world, women, black and indigenous people, those from ethnic minorities, LGBTQIA+ people, young people, disabled people, refugees, and grassroots activists. However, we accept applications from anyone who is keen to learn about our approach to safeguarding. To apply for financial assistance, please contact us.



We take great care to create a safe and welcoming space for all of our course participants. We are committed to making reasonable adjustments to ensure that anyone with an additional need is able to participate. If you have any additional needs or access requirements please let us know on your booking form.

Please read the terms and conditions, including the cancellation policy, before booking.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch

You can also read more about United Edge here, and hear directly from our participants here.



Here are just some of more than 500 amazing organizations that have attended our courses.

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