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Changing systems and cultivating change makers



After years of experience in social change, we know that our systems are broken. Privilege and self-interest have left us with the greatest inequalities our societies have ever faced. Divisive ideologies have replaced the peaceful promise of a globalised planet. The lack of accountability for unjust actions is destroying our natural world and people’s lives.

In 2017 we developed the Justice Based Approach that would become the heart of everything we do as well as a lens to support others in their journey towards creating a new world.

Our experience has convinced us that alternative models exist to transform our world. These solutions are not found in the status quo. They are found in the people, organisations and movements with the courage and agency to address tough questions. They are emerging as powerful alternatives at the edge of society as people come together to make change happen.

We partner with change makers to transform our broken systems with alternative models for global justice. We work to shift the current power imbalance so that people are leading the changes in their own lives. When this happens, everyday life becomes activism, helping to ensure that power is held accountable.

We are joining a movement that has already started, standing together on the edge of change. That is what our work is all about.


Find out more about the five pillars of the Justice Based Approach below or download our FREE Justice Toolkit for a full introduction. Alternatively, join the hundreds of JBA practitioners from over 60 countries by attending one of our Justice Based Approach courses.

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